Millie P.

Working with Shayla was one of the most natural choices we ever made. She was informed of the market, she was responsive, and her integrity stood above all else. She was eager for us to learn everything possible about our purchase and continued her caring relationship long after closed. When it became necessary to sell, she was immediately on board and again served our needs without a single hitch. We enjoyed working with her so much. You can trust Shayla and that cannot be said of other experiences. Shayla looks long-term at her relationships; therefore, she truly considers what is best for you.

Jason P.

Unparalleled excellence, clear vision, dedication, and competence are just a few words to understand Shayla's work ethic, but she gives so much more than that. Her poise, expertise, proficiency, and superior communication exemplify her worth when catering to the needs of her clients. Working with Shayla is not work at all; it's a relationship, one that my family has been able to enjoy for many years. Whenever we are in the market for a realtor, we turn to Shayla to handle all of our business needs.

Noah & Katie B.

Shayla is great. She is prompt, dependable, honest, and truly seems to care about her clients. She keeps her composure when things don't go as planned (which always happens). She still answers her phone when the deal is done. She is the kind of person you want to invite to Sunday night dinner. We would recommend Shayla to anyone who wants to buy his/her first home, dream home, or any home in between. She will make it happen.

Melissa P.

In this crazy market, Shayla was extremely diligent in helping us find a home. She made the difficult process of buying a short-sell much more manageable. She was also a great resource for mortgage companies and home renovation experts. Shayla does a great job of keeping you informed during every step of the process. I would use Shayla again and recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

Howard J.

Shayla is a true professional. A great listener and dedicated to her clients.

Brian S.

Shayla is a top-grade professional in every way. Few people in any industry are more passionate and committed to their professional trade. Shayla goes above and beyond for her clients to ensure their success and satisfaction every time. I can't recommend anyone more than Shayla.

Heather G.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Shayla she is a true leader and mentor, in every sense. Her professionalism, positive and optimistic attitude, and honest nature are a testament to her character. Additionally, her knowledge and passion for the industry, incredible work ethic, and ability to motivate make her an asset to any team.

Doug B.

I've worked with many realtors over the years and Shayla is by far the most impressive I've had the pleasure to work with.

Work With Shayla

Shayla has been serving her clients in the luxury real estate industry since 2003. Her diverse portfolio of experience encompasses a wide range of real estate products across multiple prestigious markets giving her a competitive edge that enables her to provide clients with a comprehensive and holistic approach to marketing. Contact her now!

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